GRIMM GREEN | Recoil Rebel RDA
  • GRIMM GREEN | Recoil Rebel RDA

    GRIMM GREEN Recoil Rebel RDA

    BEHOLD! The Recoil Rebel RDA By GrimmGreen X OhmBoyOC is upon us. The Rebel is the newest RDA in the Recoil series. Just as expected the build quality is top notch. The RDA is 304 stainless steel, durable coatings, gold plated brass 510. The Recoil Rebel logo is engraved into the RDA instead of laser etched.

    The Recoil Rebel comes in at 25mm with the top cap on and the deck is 24mm. This deck has a lot of open space for building. Included in the box with the Recoil Rebel RDA is two top caps with two different types of airflow. One cap has the classic snake bite airflow that is just buttery smooth. The other is a AFC with 4 air holes on each side that allows for several airflow options. All drips tips that fit the Recoil will fit the Recoil Rebel.

    Also included with the Recoil Rebel RDA is an industry first, that’s right some innovative shit right here! That would be an ultem ring that goes around the deck that keeps allows you to blah the hell out of your coils without fear of leaking. Its really cool and actually works. Make sure to watch the video above. Besides seeing all the deets on the Recoil Rebel, it’s fun to see Nick gush over their creation.


    • 24mm deck
    • 25mm overall
    • gold plated brass 510 pin
    • Ultem anti-leak insert
    • 304 Stainless steel construction
    • PVD Coated black and gold
    • Dual 3mm “snake bite” airflow cap
    • Quad 3mm AFC top cap
    • Most Recoil RDA tips are compatible
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